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2017 Web Projects

3X3I SYSTEMS_Abstract Administration of Super Specialty Hospital Activities_Abstract AirlineReservationSystemAbstractColorful ATMSimulatorAbstractColorful AUTOMATED INTEGRATED EXAMINATION SYSTEM IN ABSTRACT Automated Sports Club_Abstract_Colorful broadwalk BusSchedulingAbstractColorful CAPTCHA_color_abstract cargo management system_colorful COMMON APPLICATION SYSTEM FOR EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGES Client-ServerProtocalImplementationAbstractColorful College Management System Abstract Complaint Management System Computer Retail Store and Maintenance Abstract COREBANKING Corporate BPO Solution Management Abstract Corporate Recruitment System Country Cargo and Express Couriers Abstract Credit Card Abstract CRM for AirLine Industry Abstract Client-Server Protocol Implementation Data Mart Management system DATA VISION.pdf Distributed Database Querying System Distributed Grading System Distributed Client Server System DISTRIBUTED DATAMINING Abstract Digital Security Management DTSWebServer E@sy Navigator E-Counciling Enterprise Resource Plannining Management Equity Trading Portfolio Manager E-Shopping Card Ewheelz ezHotels Facedocs Fashion Management Feature-rich Customisable Bookshelf Feature-rich Discussion Board Component with a Single Threaded Web Communication Channel Flight Management Flowwell Automation System Foresty Management System Fugi Distributions Graphic Media Player Graphics Data Visualization System Http Server Proxy using Port Mapping Image Processing Infoware Services Insurance INTRANET CHATTING Intranet Mailing System Inventory Automation System Legitimate Motor Vehicle Finance Processing Media Tracker Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal Multi-faced Workplace Grievance Reporting Mechanism Music Catalog Order Processing using Webservices with SOAP NetBanking Online Taxicab Service Repository and Search Engine for Alumni of College Restaurant Reservation and Table Management Solutions Search Engine Secure Stock Exchange System using Webserverices Zip-Unzip

New Web Projects

Airlines Reservation System Java Project Apartment Management System Attendance Tracker System Bug Tracking System Java Project Career Information Management System Java Project City Bus Management System Content Management System Course Management System Java Project Currency Converter Java Mini Project Data Visualization Software Java Project Digital Steganography Java Project E Health Care Management System Java Project Electricity Billing System Java Project Email Client Software Java Project Event Management System Java Project Factory Information Management Farmers Buddy Java Project File Transfer and Chat Project in Java Finance Management System Hostel Management System Internet Banking Java Project Report Inventory Management System Jewellery Management System Knowledge Evaluator Software Java Project Library Management System Java Project Mail Server Java Project Marksheet Management System Network Packet Sniffer Java Project Number Guessing Game in Java Online Attendance Management System Java Project Online Bank Management System Java Project Online Book Store Java Project Online Building Management System Online Customer Care and Service Center Project in Java Online Document Management System Java Project Online Examination Management System Java Project Online Hotel Management System Online Job Portal Java Project report Online Medical Management System Java Project Online Quiz System Java Project Online Survey System Java Project Payroll Management System Pharmacy Management System Photo Lab Management System Java Project Planning and Tracking System Production Planning System RSS Feed Reader Java Project Scheduling and Dispatching project Smart City Java Project Stock Management System Java Project Student Result Processing System Java Project Supermarket Management System Supply Chain Management System Java Project Telephone Billing System Java Project Travel Management System Java Project University Admission Management System Java Project Virtual Private Network Java Project Web Server Management System Java Project